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SecurityCEU is proud to support certification programs from the most well-known organizations in the security industry.

Security products and solutions involve the low voltage electronics, construction, and architectural communities as well as the manufacturers, dealers and integrators that are central to the Security industry.

This site is dedicated to certifications and continuing education for security and by security. There are multiple professional designations over a wide range of the industry specifically designed for the security professional. Whether you are a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) looking for a course about alarms, access control or threat management or a Certified Electronic Systems Technician (C-EST) wanting to maintain certification by increasing your knowledge of codes and standards, SecurityCEU is the ideal resource.

SecurityCEU creators recognized the need to include resources and continuing education by the security industry. Security expertise is a valuable commodity in the marketplace today, regardless of what business you are in. This is especially true in construction and architecture, where security is no longer an afterthought but a specified product and part of the building design. For instance, architects will appreciate that most every continuing education course on our site meets the strict requirements for American Institute of Architects (AIA) Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW) CES requirements.

Click the certifying bodies to the right to link to organizations whose certifications we promote and who accept our continuing education courses.

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